Olimex DuinoMite-Mini Maximite-Compatible Basic Computer

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The Olimex DuinoMite-Mini is a Maximite-compatible Basic computer, originally designed by Geoff Graham, with additional features.

The DuinoMite allows you to program in BASIC language and includes a VGA and PS/2 keyboard interface, so you can develop and write your code in Basic without the need for any other computers.

You can store your code on a Micro-SD card and execute it on power-up through autoexec.bas main code.

Key Features

  • PIC32MX795F512H processor running at 80Mhz with 128KB RAM and 512KB Flash
  • Linear power regulator, requires EXACTLY 5V to the DC POWER JACK
  • USB Device DuinoMite-Mini can take power from Mini-USB also, there is 3-way jumper which selects which source is used the DC POWER JACK or the USB
  • Micro-SD card socket
  • UEXT connector
  • GPIO connector
  • PS2 Keyboard connector
  • VGA connector
  • RESET button
  • USER buttons
  • Three status LEDs
  • Commercial temperature operation -0+70C
  • Noise immunity
  • ICSP programming connector for programming and debugging
  • 32,768 KHz low-frequency crystal allows implementation of RTC and low power modes








Do not use the "programmer-to-go" button when there is no image on the OLIMEX PIC-KIT3 or MICROCHIP PIC-KIT3 because that might put your microcontroller in an irrecoverable state. We have tested the mentioned scenario and we can confirm it destroys PIC32 chips (using both our and the original Microchip PICKIT3). We cannot take responsibility if you break your chip this way. For more info check the following: www.microchip.com/forums/m635420.aspx.

Package Contents

  • 1x DuinoMite-Mini board

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