NES-Style Raspberry Pi Compatible USB Gamepad / Controller

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If you're going REALLY retro with your Raspberry Pi retro gaming project, our SNES style USB controllers may be way too modern for you old schoolers. If you'd rather keep things a bit more 1983 than 1990, these NES-style USB controllers might be a good option for you.

Inspired by original consoles that changed gaming history forever, these NES-inspired USB button-bashers work great with the Raspberry Pi for all your early game titles. Back to a simpler time when a D-pad and two action buttons were more than enough!

The gamepad has a 1.4m cable too, so you don't need to sit right up against your TV when collecting coins and jumping through big green pipes.

Note: If using with RetroPie or a similar OS, please plug the controller into a USB port before booting to ensure RetroPie detects it.


  • NES-style USB controller
  • Classic 80's beige
  • Compatible with the Raspberry Pi, Windows, Linux
  • USB connector
  • D-Pad
  • Start, Select and A/B buttons
  • Cable length: 1.4m

Revision History

  • As of 06/06/2024 - Colour changed from white to a much more retro beige

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