micro:Maqueen Lite - Educational Robot Platform for micro:bit

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ANSMANNX-Power 1.5V AAA Alkaline Batteries (4-Pack)
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BBC micro:bitmicro:bit V2.2
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The Maqueen Lite is a graphical programming robot for STEM education from DFRobot, designed for the BBC micro:bit (not included).

The compact body, multiple onboard features & sensors combined with the easy plug-and-play operation allow children (and us big kids!) to quickly learn graphical programming in an exciting and fun way, using familiar block-based programming using Microsoft MakeCode.

The kit includes almost everything you need - just add your own BBC micro:bit and 3x 1.5V alkaline AAA batteries

Note: The micro:bit and batteries are NOT included 

The below video shows the Maqueen with additional items not included in the kit


  • Support for Makecode
  • Small size, flexible movement.
  • All-metal miniature gear motors
  • Packed full of features
    • Line patrol
    • Ambient light
    • LED lights
    • Ultrasonic interface
    • Buzzer
    • I2C interface
    • Mechanical expansion screw hole
  • Exclusive customized POM bearing wheel, flexible and reliable
  • Easy to install, easy to use


  • Supply Voltage: 3.5V~5V DC (Three AAA batteries or 3.6V~3.7V lithium battery)
  • 2x Infrared Grayscale Sensor (High-low level)
  • 1x Buzzer
  • 1x Infrared Receiver (NEC decoder)
  • 2x LED Lights (High-low level control)
  • 4x RGB Ambient Light (16 million colours)
  • 1x SR04, SR04P Ultrasonic Interface (5V)
  • 1x I2C Interface (3.3V)
  • 2x Gravity Extension Interfaces (P1, P2)
  • 2x N20 All-metal Gear Motor
  • Motor Drive Mode: PWM motor drive
  • Bracket and Protective Cover Extension M3 Screw Hole x 6
  • Programming Method: Makecode graphical programming, Mind+ graphical programming
  • Dimensions: 81mm x 85 mm x 44mm
  • Weight: 75.55g


Package Contents

  • 1x Car Body (Motors and bearing wheel have been assembled before leaving the factory)
  • 2x Wheel
  • 1x Three AAA batteries Box
  • 1x Double Sided Adhesive Tape
  • 1x SR04 Ultrasonic
  • 1x Quickstart Guide

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