MeArm Maker Kit V3

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The MeArm Maker Kit V3 is an easy-to-build robot arm kit that's designed to get children (and adults!) learning about technology, engineering and programming. It's been expressly designed to be easy to build (age 11+) and use.

This version comes without a microcontroller/driver, giving you the freedom to select your own. It's easy to get it working with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, micro:bit and any other microcontroller platform you can think of - so long as it can control four or more servos via PWM. Even boards that can't control servos usually have shields/HATs that can provide the ability to do so.

The MeArm Maker has been designed from the ground up to be easy to assemble. Children can build it themselves and we suspect adults may be able to build it unaided too. The only tool you'll need to build it is a hex key, and one is included in the box!

Follow this link for building instructions or check out the video below!


  • Build your very own robot arm!
  • Easy to build and control
  • Perfect introduction to robotics
  • 4 degrees of freedom and control
  • Compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, micro:bit or any microcontroller (PWM servo control required)

Build Video

Build along with MeArm designer Ben Gray with the video below. It's useful to understand what's involved with the build.

(...and we think this could be classed as unintentional ASMR what with the birds singing and Ben's calm voice!)

Package Contents

  • 1x MeArm Maker Kit V3.0
    • Plastic parts for the structure of the arm
    • Socket head screws for easy assembling
    • Hex key so you don’t need your own tools
    • 4x Metal gear servos
    • Custom circuit board and patch cable
    • Everything you need to build your MeArm except the controller and power supply!


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