M5Stack ATOM PWM Kit (FDD8447L)

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The ATOM PWM from M5Stack is a single-channel PWM DC Driver with built-in MOSFET load capacity up to 12V@100W, suitable for high-power DC motor PWM speed control and industrial heating wire control applications.

Using ATOM LITE as the core controller (built-in ESP32), it has a wide PWM dynamic adjustment range (e.g., frequency of 5 kHz, duty cycle adjustment range 0-100%, resolution up to 13bit), and combined with the built-in WIFI function, it can also easily achieve remote control.

Supports UIFlow graphical programming for easy configuration of signal output and function expansion.

Atom Lite included!


  • Single channel low latency PWM signal output
  • High power MOSFET, output capacity 12V@100W
  • Reserved 1xGROVE expansion interface
  • Built-in DC-DC (12V->5V) conversion circuit
  • Easy installation, simple operation
  • All-in-one design with protective cover
  • Development platform: Arduino/UIFlow

Package Contents

  • 1x ATOM PWM
  • 1x ATOM LITE
  • 1x M2 Hex Wrench
  • 1x M2*8 cup head Machine screw
  • 1x 3.96-4P terminal
  • 1x TYPE-C USB data cable (20cm)


Driver Chip EG27324
Maximum Output Power 100W
Input Voltage Range DC 12V-24V
Number of Drive Channels 1
Net Weight 28.9g
Gross Weight 37.3g
Product Dimensions 24 * 48 * 18mm
Package Size 54 * 54 * 20mm



EG27324 INA

Arduino Example


#define SIGNAL 22

int freq = 10000;
int ledChannel1 = 0;
int resolution = 10;

void setup() {
  ledcSetup(ledChannel1, freq, resolution);
  ledcAttachPin(SIGNAL, ledChannel1);

void loop() {

    for(int i=0; i < 500; i++){
      ledcWrite(ledChannel1, i);

    for(int i=500; i > 0; i--){
      ledcWrite(ledChannel1, i);

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