M5Stack ATOM Tail485 - RS485 Converter for ATOM

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The Tail485 is a RS485 converter designed for ATOM, which is used for converting RS485 signals to TTL. RS485 is a standard defining of the electrical characteristics of drivers and receivers for use in serial communications systems, widely used in the industrial field. It facilitates long distance communication in electrically noisy environments. Multipoint systems are supported. When the project equipment needs to communicate and control through RS485, it is a good choice to use the Tail485 for interface type switching. A DC/ DC voltage regulator chip is integrated in the tail485 module, which can directly convert the 12V voltage of the RS485 to 5V to supply power for USB type C interface, avoiding the inconvenience of a separate power supply.


  • Adapted for ATOM Matrix/ATOM Lite form factor
  • Built in DC / DC
  • SP485EEN-L

Package Contents

  • 1x Tail485


    Specification Parameter
    External port VH-3.96 4P
    Conversion level 5V12V
    Line Transceiver IC SP485EEN-L
    Step-down IC AOZ1282CI
    Net weight 9g
    Gross weight 9g
    Product Size 54*96*10mm
    Package Size 100*60*10mm
    Case material Plastic ( PC )


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