M5Stack 6060-PUSH Linear Motion Control

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This an application-level module, which implements a motion & robotic control and it is totally customizable with different length. Packed with Stepper motor, Mega328 microprocessor, RS485 serial bus, 1515 framework. It realized a linear motion control, you can program the stepper motor to move a certain length with high precision. This type of module can be applied to 3D print, linear push and etc.

Product Features

  • Mega328 inside: GRBL
  • Customizable: length & distance
  • RS485
  • 1515 Aluminium Profile frame
  • 48 stepper motor: 2 phase 4 lines
  • Itinerary: 57mm
  • Input voltage: 12-24V
  • Motor power: 10W


  • 1x 6060 module


  • 3D printer
  • Linear motion


Resources Parameter
Net weight 569g
Gross weight 600g
Product Size 166*60*60mm
Package Size 166*60*60mm


  • M5Stick-C with Stepper and IMU
    This uses the stepper driven 6060 push and rs485. The movement is based on the tilt of the M5stick which is measured with the built-in IMU.
    AI Powered Garbage Sorting Demo
    AI camera that automatically sorting out the garbage.
    PUSH6060 ATOM RS485 Test
    Pilot a Push6060 with ATOM and Tail485 with IUFLOW

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