LoRa(TM) Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi Zero (434Mhz)

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Designed for the Raspberry PiZero the Uputronics LoRa(TM) Expansion Board brings the ability to use the popular LoRa(TM) modules on the PiZero. This version comes with a 434Mhz LoRa module fitted.

Supplied with suitable header and standoffs, the board allows you to select the module on either CE0 or CE1 depending on the location of the switch.

The RFM95/98W transceivers feature the LoRa(TM) long range modem that provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity whilst minimising current consumption.

The board has LED's for link and data. You can stack 2 of these boards (with different CE selections) on one PiZero.

Supplied with a 2x20 way 4.93mm header and 2 standoffs for secure attachment to your Pi.

RFM95/98W Datasheet

Official Datasheet for the modules available here


  • These modules are sold as components and are not CE Compliant as they don’t have a specific application.
  • The end user of these modules will need to submit their final product to get CE certification.
  • They are intended for engineering, research or lab use only not for use in production.

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