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The 8x8 LED Matrix Breakout Board is a compact, versatile solution for displaying colourful, animated patterns and characters. It features a matrix of 64 bright LEDs arranged in an 8x8 grid, capable of displaying a wide range of patterns, symbols, and characters. This breakout board is ideal for hobby projects, prototyping, and educational purposes.

The WS2812B LED, which is used in the 8x8 LED matrix board, is an intelligent control LED light source that control circuit and RGB chip are both built into a package of 5050 components. Its inner components include a signal-reshaping amplifier driving circuit and an intelligent digital port data latch. Include a precise internal oscillator and a 12V voltage programmable constant-current control component to further guarantee the consistency of the pixel point light colour height.

The board is powered by a 5V DC supply and requires only a few external components to start displaying patterns. The board features a 6-pin header that allows for easy connection to a microcontroller or development board. The pinout is straightforward and well-documented, and the board is compatible with a variety of programming platforms and environments.

The 8x8 LED Matrix Breakout Board is also highly customisable and can be used in a variety of applications. It supports multiple display modes, including matrix scrolling, LED flash, and LED shifting, and is capable of displaying custom patterns and characters. The board also supports brightness control, allowing you to adjust the intensity of the LED display to suit your needs.

Another feature of the 8x8 LED Matrix Breakout Board is its compact form factor. The board measures just 80mm x 81mm, making it easy to fit into a variety of projects. Additionally, the board is designed to be easy to use and comes with a comprehensive user manual and example code to get you started.

The 8x8 LED Matrix Breakout Board is a versatile and cost-effective solution for displaying animations and characters in a compact form factor. With its simple interface, a wide range of display modes, and a high level of customization, this board is ideal for hobby projects, prototyping, and educational purposes. Whether you're an experienced maker or just starting out, the 8x8 LED Matrix Breakout Board is a great choice for your next project.


  • Intelligent reverse connect prevention prevents harm to the IC from the power supply's reverse connection
  • The only power supply is shared by the control circuit and the LED
  • In a package of 5050 components, a control circuit and an RGB chip are combined to create a full pixel point control
  • Built-in signal reshaping circuit ensures wave-form distortion does not build up following wave reshaping to the next driver
  • Power loss reset circuit and built-in electric reset circuit
  • Each of the three basic colours' pixels is capable of a 256 brightness display, a full 16777216 colour display, and a scan frequency of at least 400Hz/s
  • A single line of cascading port transmission signal
  • Any two points greater than 5 meters apart can communicate without an additional circuit
  • Cascade numbers must be at least 1024 points when the refresh rate is 30 frames per second
  • Send information at an 800Kbps rate
  • The light's hue was very reliable and economical



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  • 1 x LED Matrix 8x8 Breakout Board

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