LC29H(AA) GPS HAT for Raspberry Pi

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This  LC29H(AA) GPS HAT has high signal multipath effects like urban canyons, thanks to its ability to track L1+L5 dual-frequency and multi-GNSS signals, significantly upgrading positioning accuracy. It features a built-in Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) and Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filter, providing high sensitivity and robust anti-interference capabilities.

It has dual-band positioning and Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) technology, catering to projects needing centimeter-level precision such as drones, smart agricultural machinery, and shared mobility solutions like two-wheelers. It's also good for real-time tracking systems.

There is a standard Raspberry Pi 40-pin GPIO extension header, supporting Raspberry Pi series boards and the Jetson Nano. It also supports the simultaneous tracking of multiple satellite signals and systems (GPS, BDS, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS), all while maintaining low power consumption. It also includes support for various positioning augmentation systems like WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, and GAGAN, which enhance service area performance. The EASY technology further allows for efficient positioning using stored ephemeris and almanac data when signals are unavailable, improving both the positioning accuracy and time to first fix.

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Note: Raspberry Pi boards are NOT included


  • Standard Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO extension header, supports Raspberry Pi series boards, Jetson Nano
  • Supports simultaneous tracking of L1+L5 dual-band satellite signals, reducing multipath effects in urban canyons and improving positioning accuracy
  • Supports concurrent receiving of multi-GNSS systems (GPS, BDS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS) while maintaining low power consumption
  • Supports positioning augmentation systems (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS and GAGAN) to improve the positioning performance of service areas
  • Supports EASY technology, to realize the positioning using stored information such as ephemeris and almanac data when there is no signal, and improve the positioning and time to first fix
  • Built-in low noise amplifier and acoustic surface filter to realize -165dBm high sensitivity and enhance anti-interference performance
  • Supports multi-frequency active interference cancellation, effectively suppressing or eliminating narrowband signal (WiFi/2/3/4/5G) interference to ensure navigation accuracy
  • A-GNSS (Assisted GNSS) support, reducing the time to first fix (TTFF) with a cold start when powered on to 5 seconds
  • Support QGNSS software, easy to set various module functions
  • Onboard battery holder, supports ML1220 rechargeable cell, for preserving ephemeris information and hot starts
  • Onboard 4 LED indicators for module operating status
  • Comes with online development resources and manual (Python examples for Raspberry Pi/Jetson Nano)

What's on Board

  1. LC29H module
  2. RT9166A-28PXL
    5V to 2.8V LDO chip
  3. CP2102N
    USB to UART chip
  4. Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO header
    For connecting with Raspberry Pi
  5. UART selection jumper
    A: control the LC29H via USB to UART
    B: control the LC29H via Raspberry Pi
    C: access Raspberry Pi via USB to UART
  6. IPEX 1 connector
    LC29H module antenna connector
  7. Micro USB interface
  8. RT9193-33PB
    5V to 3.3V LDO chip
  9. RESET button
    Reset the LC29H module
  10. Status Indicators
    PWR: Power Indicator
    RXD/TXD: UART transceiver indicator
    PPS: GPS status indicator
  11. NDC7002N
    I2C voltage translator
  12. ML1220 Battery holder
    Supports ML1220 rechargeable cell, for preserving ephemeris information and hot start


Frequency Band GPS/QZSS: L1C/A, L5
BDS: B1I, B2a
Galileo: E1, E5a
Number of Concurrent GNSS GPS/QZSS/ BDS/ Galileo/ GLONASS
RTK Function N/A
Positioning Accuracy PVT - 1m CEP
Navigation Update Rate PVT - 1~10Hz
RAW - 1Hz
RTK Convergence Time N/A
Time to First Fix (AGNSS Off) Cold Starts - 26s
Hot Starts - 1s
Aided Starts - 16s
Time to First Fix (Easy On) 2s
Time to First Fix (AGNSS ON) Cold Starts - 5s
Hot Starts - 5s
Aided Starts - 5s
Sensitivity Tracking and Navigating - 165dBm
Re-Acquisition -159dBm
Cold Starts -147dBm
Velocity Accuracy 0.2m/s
PPS Accuracy 20ns
Dynamic Performance Acceleration (Max): 4g
Altitude (Max): 10000m
Velocity (Max): 500m/s
Communication Interface UART(9600~3000000bps, 115200bps by default), I2C(Max 400KHz)
Protocol NMEA 0183 V4.10, RTCM 3.x
Power Supply 5V
OVERALL Current <40mA@5V (Continue mode)
Operating Temperature -40~85℃
Dimensions 65 x 30.5mm

Connection Example - Raspberry Pi & GPS Antenna



Package Contents

  1. 1x LC29H (AA) GPS HAT
  2. 1x 2 x 20-pin female header
  3. 1x GPS External Antenna (D)
  4. 1x IPEX 1 to SMA cable ~17cm
  5. 1x Screws pack

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