IO Expander for CarPiHAT

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This IO expansion board interfaces with the CarPiHAT via its i2C header and provides an additional 8 GPIO pins, 4x 1A outputs and 4x opto-isolated inputs.

Screw terminals allow easy wire-to-board connections and Molex nano-fit headers have been used for a secure connection to a CarPiHAT in an automotive environment.

The board is designed to be mounted on top of a CarPiHAT using appropriate screws and spacers (included).

Note: You need a CarPiHAT to use this board. A CarPiHAT is not included! Grab the original CarPiHAT here, or the PRO version (with onboard DAC) here.


  • 12-24V fused input voltage
  • Molex Nano-fit connectors for I2C channels
  • 4x Opto-Isolated inputs
  • 4x 1A VCC switched power outputs
  • 8x GPIO outputs
  • GND and 3.3V rails
  • I2C Address selection jumper pads (0x20-27)

Example Use

An automotive scenario where the CarPiHAT’s two inputs and outputs and not sufficient. This could be power to devices or lighting circuits for instance. The GPIO header can be used in the same fashion as a Pi’s. Refer to the documentation for implantation libraries and examples.


Package Contents

  • 1x IO Expander for CarPiHAT
  • 1x 4-way Molex cable
  • 3x Screws with spacer

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