Halloween PumpkinPi Soldering Kit for Raspberry Pi (555 Timer)

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It's time to grab the most terrifying Raspberry Pi kit ever devised this Halloween! 

The Halloween PumpkinPi Soldering Kit is a do-it-yourself solder kit that comes completely unassembled.

Just follow our soldering guide on putting it all together, plug it into your Raspberry Pi and your Halloween Pumpkin will terrify the neighbours!

Please note: this is not a programmable kit, lights are controlled by a 555 timer. If you'd like to control the LEDs with your Raspberry Pi and Python, grab this one instead. You can also simply connect 5V and GND via jumper wires from any other 5V development board or power supply - no Pi required!

The kit includes 12 LEDs and uses a CD4017BE counter & 555 timer chip to light and rotate the LED's through a pre-defined pattern (no programming possible).

Important! GPIO Orientation

The PumpkinPi should face away from your Raspberry Pi as per the image below:

PumpkinPi soldering kit orientation


  • 1x Halloween PumpkinPi PCB
  • 12x LEDs
  • 1x CD4017BE Counter IC
  • 1x 555 Timer IC
  • 2x IC sockets
  • Resistors
  • 40-pin Header

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