Grove Inventor Kit for micro:bit

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The Grove Inventor Kit for Micro:bit is an accessible addition to your micro:bit, offering a variety of new possibilities. It features the Grove shield for micro:bit v2.0, which allows you to connect different Grove modules like sensors and displays to your micro:bit easily, without needing to solder or use jump wires.

This kit is user-friendly and suitable for both beginners and those with more experience. It comes with 8 Grove modules to get you started on various projects, such as creating distance measurement tools or gesture-controlled music. We offer free downloadable libraries and 12 step-by-step project guides for beginners, while more experienced users can explore further creative opportunities.


  • Multi-module: 8 well-selected Grove modules for working with micro:bit
  • Rich operations: Extension shield with rich and convenient peripherals
  • DIY creative Projects: There are different reference projects and Grove sensors for your imagination to create your own project
  • Easy Play: 12 projects to let you get started quickly
  • Grove unified socket: The product provides "Plug and Play" and is versatile for various applications.


  • Weight: 329.5g
  • Product number: Seeed 110060762


Package Contents

  • 1x Grove Shield for micro:bit v2
  • 1x Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor (P)
  • 1x Grove - Speaker
  • 1x Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger
  • 1x Grove - Light Sensor v1.2
  • 1x Grove - WS2812 Waterproof LED Strip - 30 LEDs 1 meter
  • 1x Grove - Gesture
  • 1x Grove - 4-Digit Display
  • 1x Grove - Red LED
  • 1x Micro USB Cable - 48cm
  • 1x 12 Projects Manual
  • 10x Alligator Cable
  • 7x Grove Cables

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