Gravity: 2x 1.2A DC Motor Driver (TB6612FNG)

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This is a DFRobot micro dual-way DC motor driver with a Gravity connector, based on the TB6612FNG motor driver chip. It inherits DFRobot L298N motor control logic, which only needs four pins to drive 2 motors.

This Gravity connector version expands four GPIO with the standard Gravity connector system, allowing you to easily wire this to a Gravity shield such as the IO Expansion Shield for Arduino Uno. No tools, no terminal blocks, no soldering - four Gravity cables are included in this set as well!

The TB6612FNG is a dual-channel full-bridge motor driver chip. The maximum continuous drive current of a single channel can reach 1.2A, peak value 2A/3.2A (continuous pulse/single pulse), which can drive a range of small DC motors. The control logic is similar to the popular L298N, including the code used with the DFRobot L298N motor driver.

The TB6612FNG driver board's pin headers can be inserted directly into a breadboard, so if you decide to keep your project compact, you can also use the TB6612FNG module separately.

Connection Example


  • Gravity Ports - plug n' play
  • Only four wires are required to drive two motors
  • Control method compatible with DFRobot Romeo


  • VCC Operating Voltage: 2.7V~5.5V
  • VM Input Power: 2.5V~12V
  • Driver Channel: 2 channel
  • Output Current: 1.2A (single-channel continuous drive current)
  • Start / Peak Current: 2A (continuous pulse) / 3.2A (single pulse)
  • Dimension:1.57x1.57(in) / 40 × 40(mm)

Package Contents

  • 1x Dual DC Motor Driver (TB6612) (Pre-soldered headers)
  • 1x Motor Driver Expansion Board with Gravity Connector
  • 4x Gravity Analog Sensor Cable



Label Number Description
1 DIR1 M1 Direction Control
2 PWM1 M1 Speed control(PWM)
3 PWM2 M2 Speed control(PWM)
4 DIR2 M2 Direction Control
5 GND Negative power supply
6 VCC Power 3.3V-5V or IO port output high
7 M1 A Output 1
8 M1- A Output 2
9 M2 B Output 1
10 M2- B Output 2
11 VM- Negative power supply
12 VM Motor drive power 3.3V-12V

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