FT232 USB UART Board (USB-C)

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This is a handy USB to UART module with a USB-C connector and male pinout. It uses an original FT232RL chip and includes a jumper to select working mode - 5V, 3.3V or powered by the target device.

Three onboard LEDs display activity for TXT, RXD and power. PCB hole pads can be found on either side of the board for connecting the included pin headers if desired.

The unit comes complete with pin headers and a 6-pin custom jumper wire. We also stock a Micro-USB version!

Note: the module is compatible with TTL level only, to avoid damage please do not directly connect to an RS232 circuit.


  • Original FT232RL onboard
  • Supports Mac, Linux, Android, WinCE, Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11
  • 3 power modes: 5V output, 3.3V output or powered by target board (3.3V-5V)
  • 3 VCCIO power modes via jumper setting:
    • VCCIO - 5V: 5V output
    • VCCIO - 3.3V: 3.3V output
    • Open jumper: powered from target board (3.3V-5V)
  • 3x LED indicators: TXD, RXD and PWR
  • Pins accessible on pin headers: TXD, RXD, RTS#, CTS#
  • Other pins are accessible on drilled holes, easily connected to the user application (the pin pitch is compatible with universal prototype board)
  • Dimensions: 14.81mm x 19.05mm

Package Contents

  • 1x FT232 USB UART Board (USB-C)
  • 2x 5-pin male header
  • 2x 5-pin female header
  • 1x 6-pin custom connector jumper wire

How to Use

In the case of working with an MCU:

  • VCCIO ↔ 3.3V or 5V output (the module is powered from USB, onboard jumper should be shorted to 3.3V or 5V)
  • GND ↔ GND
  • TXD ↔ MCU.RX (signal direction: MCU.RX << FT232 << PC.TX)
  • RXD ↔ MCU.TX (signal direction: MCU.TX >> FT232 >> PC.RX)
  • RTS ↔ MCU.CTS (signal direction: MCU.CTS << FT232 << PC.RTS)
  • CTS ↔ MCU.RTS (signal direction: MCU.RTS >> FT232 >> PC.CTS)

Compatible with TTL level only, to avoid damage please do not directly connect to an RS232 circuit.


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