Ethernet Kit for Teensy 4.1

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This kit has all the parts needed to connect to the Ethernet port on Teensy 4.1.

This kit includes an Ethernet MagJack, bare circuit board, ribbon cable assembly, 2 header pins and a capacitor. DIY soldering is required.


Package includes

  • 1x Ethernet Magjack Cetus J1B1211CCD, Digikey 1278-1052-ND
  • 1x Ribbon Cable Assembly (see OSH Park page for DIY parts)
  • 2x 6-pin Header, 3x2 Generic 2mm pitch pins or Digikey 1849-1000-ND
  • 1x Capacitor, 0.1 uF Vishay K104K15X7RF5TL2, Digikey BC1084CT-ND
  • 1x Bare Circuit Board

Technical Details

Teensy Ethernet Kit

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