ES15 Motion Control Smart Electric Screwdriver

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The Miniware ES15 is a smart motion-controlled screwdriver that assists you with its internal motor, turning the fixing for you either on demand or automatically via your own wrist motion.

With a 304 stainless steel body, OLED display, USB-C rechargeable internal lithium battery, adjustable torque/impact settings and compatibility with 4mm hex bits (a set of 24 is included), this smart screwdriver will revolutionise your maker space!

Note: When using for the first time, you may need to long-press the SET button to unlock. USB-C cable/charger not included - grab one here!

Manual and Automatic Modes

The ES15 has three different working modes - smart motion control, directional forward and directional reverse.

Triple-press the main RUN button to set the working mode, then long-press the same button to save the setting and exit (or just wait 3 seconds):

  • Smart Motion Control - Press and hold the RUN button, turn your wrist and the screwdriver will rotate in the same direction
  • Directional - Hold the main button down to drive the bit

Five torque settings

The screwdriver has five levels of torque that can be selected by the user.

Simply short-press the SET button at the top of the screwdriver to cycle through the different levels. You will see the number on the display change - the higher the number, the more torque is provided.

Low settings such as #1 are ideal for precision electronics such as phone disassembly.

Settings galore!

Long-press the SET button to access the settings menu. Once in the menu, short-press the RUN button to adjust setting values, and short-press the SET button to switch between settings. Long-press the RUN or SET buttons to save your settings once complete (or just wait 3 seconds).

Here you will find options to:

  • Adjust speed (RPM)
  • Set the smart motion control sensitivity
  • Set the impact function ON/OFF
  • Set the retreat ("anti-stuck) function ON/OFF (designed for hex screws)
  • LED lights ON/OFF
  • Beep ON/OFF
  • Set Language
  • Configure battery management

Built-in lithium battery with USB-C Charging

The screwdriver has a built-in 800mAh lithium battery, rechargeable via the USB-C port on the rear, which has a run time of 6 hours (at no load). A built-in intelligent power management option monitors the battery's status with protection circuits to keep it in excellent condition.

Software Upgradable

Connect your ES15 to your PC to upgrade firmware when available using the e-Design DFU software.

LED Lighting

The head of the driver has LED lights to illuminate your working area. These can be disabled in the settings menu.

Bits included!

The driver comes with a set of 24 S2 steel 4mm hexagon bits with all the common types you'll need for daily electronics jobs:

  • PH000/PH00/PH0/PH1
  • SL1.5/SL2.0/SL3.0
  • T2/T3/T4
  • T5H/T6H/T8H/T9H/T10H
  • P2/P5
  • Y0.6/Y1
  • W1.5
  • U2.6
  • H1.5/H2.0
  • TRI 2.3

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Product name MINIWARE Motion Control Electric Screwdriver
Model ES15
Body material 304 stainless steel
Screen 32x128dpi OLED
Bit specification Compatible with 4MM hexagon and 800 bits
Manual torque (Manual mode)
Electronic torque
Idling speed 470rpm
Battery capacity 800mah
Operating voltage 3-5V
Working time 6 hours(No load)
Charging mode USB-C 5V input
Charging time 50 minutes
Size Length: 146mm, diameter: 19mm
Weight 120g

Package Contents

  • 1x ES15 Motion Control Screwdriver
  • 1x 24-piece bit set

USB-C cable/charger not included

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