DF Metal Geared 15Kg Standard Servo 180° (DSS-M15)

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The DSS-M15 is a heavy-duty metal gear standard servo with 180°wide angle, high torque, improved stability and good durability.

Able to take in 6V and deliver a strong torque power of over 15Kg, this tough 180°servo will never let you down when you need it. Tested with high load capacity for 12 hours long, this DSS-M15 servo demonstrates a maximum torque of 18Kg without much vibration or heat.

In addition, we enclose carefully selected steering parts, including an aluminium alloy wheel and a long bracket to enhance servo performance.


Operating voltage 4.8-7.2V
Test Environment 6 volts 7.2 volts
Operating speed (without payload) 0.18 sec/60° 0.16 sec/60°
Quiescent current 80 mA 100 mA
Stall Torque 13.5 kg*cm 15 kg*cm
Stall Current 1.8A 2A
Standby mode current 4 mA 5 mA
Control signal RC PWM
Pulse width range 500-2500 us
Neutral position signal 1500 us
Clockwise rotation <1500 us
Operating frequency 50 - 330Hz (Arduino compatible)
Materials of gear Metal Gear
Limited angle About 180°
Connector wire gauge 28 PVC
Wire length About 320 mm
Horn gear spline 25T /5.80
Geared ratio 310:1
Dimension 54.5 X 20 x 47.5 mm

Package Contents

  • DSS-M15 Servo x1
  • Metal round servo horn x1
  • X servo horn x1
  • long straight servo horn x1
  • Straight servo horn x1
  • M2*8 self-tapping screw x5
  • M2 screw washer x5
  • M3*6 screw x1

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