Servo Six for Raspberry Pi and Arduino

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Monk MakesServo Kit for Raspberry Pi
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The Servo Six board simplifies the process of connecting up to six servo motors to a Raspberry Pi or Arduino.

Connect up to six servos to your project with ease using the clearly labelled pin headers for each servo. The onboard polarity protection stops you causing damage to your project when connecting the servo power supply. GPIO pins are also protected thanks to the onboard resistors.

The power LED helps identify when your project is powered and ready to run.

We also stock the Monk Makes Raspberry Pi Servo Kit which includes a Servo Six board plus servos and accessories.


  • Screw terminals for servo power supply
  • Reverse-polarity protection for the servo power
  • 470µF 16V capacitor for servo supply
  • 470Ω current limiting resistors for servo control
    lines (to protect GPIO pins)
  • Power indicator LED
  • Input power: 12V max
  • Continuous servo current (combined): 2A max


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