Black Mecanum Wheel with Motor Shaft Coupling (60mm) - Right

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What wheels should your robot car use? How about these 60mm Mecanum wheels with couplers!

The Mecanum wheel is an omnidirectional wheel design for a land-based vehicle to move in any direction, such as go straight, obliquely, horizontally, S-line and rotate at any angle with zero radius. With pretty low noise, this kind of wheel can move in a stable and flexible manner. Since the wheel is based on omnidirectional drive technology, users can freely control their robot car even in a tight space.

This Mecanum wheel has a diameter of 60mm and is composed of 9 small rollers that are made of plastic and coated with quality and high-friction silicone rubber, which are rugged and impact-resistant.

Note: there are two types of Mecanum wheels: right-handed wheels (this page) and left-handed wheels. Please pay attention to the L and R noted on the back of the product when purchasing - we recommend you to buy them in pairs!


  • Wheel Diameter: 60mm
  • Wheel Thickness: 30.62mm
  • Number of Rollers: 9
  • Angle: 45°
  • Load Capacity: 15kg
  • Colour: black
  • Material: plastic + silicone rubber
  • Motor Shaft Coupling Diameter: 6.71mm
  • Motor Shaft Coupling Length: 27.28mm

Shipping List

  • 1x Black Mecanum Wheel (60mm) - Right
  • 1x Motor Shaft Coupling


60mm mecanum wheel drawing

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