Aluminium Heatsink Case for Raspberry Pi 5

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This hybrid heatsink-case for Raspberry Pi 5 is designed for passive heat dissipation, using its aluminium body to silently transfer heat from crucial components like the CPU and memory.

With the case fitted you still have access to the majority of ports including a slot for CSI/DSI cables (if fitted to the board before assembling the case). Access to the GPIO pins is aided by the two included riser headers.

No fans, no noise, just efficient heat transfer away from your Raspberry Pi 5 in a great-looking package.

Note: The RTC and UART ports are not accessible. Raspberry Pi 5 not included.


  • Passive Heat Dissipation: The primary feature of this case is the passive heat dissipation design. Engineered with precision to facilitate heat transfer through direct contact with the CPU, memory, power chip and network chip.
  • Efficient Thermal Management: The case effectively dissipates heat generated during operation. This ensures that your Raspberry Pi 5 runs smoothly and maintains peak performance.
  • Easy Installation: Installing the heatsink-case is simple and takes just a few minutes The design combines aesthetics with practicality. The case easily accommodates the Raspberry Pi 5, offering protection and efficient cooling in one package.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The aluminium CNC metal case has a rugged yet refined appearance that complements the powerful capabilities of the development board.
  • Silent Operation: Say goodbye to noisy cooling solutions. This case relies on aluminium alloy fins for passive heat dissipation, eliminating the need for fans. Enjoy a quiet computing experience without compromising on cooling efficiency.


  • Dimensions: H: 24mm x L: 88mm x W: 56mm
  • Weight: 160g


Package Contents

  • 1x Heatsink Case
  • 1x Allen Key
  • 5x Thermal Pads
  • 4x Hexagon Socket Screws
  • 2x Headers

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