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This module is a complete high-end NFC solution on one single 62mm x 16mm PCB, which uses the Bi2C connection available on many recent iLabs Challenger feather-format boards. Learn more about Bi2C here.

It's based on the popular high-end PN7150 NFC controller chip and creates a complete NFC solution that can be used to build access card readers, emulate cards and support most card standards available today.

The module is connected to the host system Bi2C connector using the supplied 4-pole Flat Flex Cable (FFC). The module also needs to have the interrupt signal connected which is a separate lead. You can select any GPIO pin on the host board, just don’t forget to enter this pin number into your program later on.

What is Bi2C?

The Bi2C (Bus I2C) concept is a spin-off from the existing Groove, Stemma and Qwiic ecosystems where we use an FFC (Flexible Flat Cable) instead of normal threaded cables to create the connection. This means that we can get away with connectors that have 0.5mm pitch which makes them super thin and compact. Read more about Bi2C here.

You can also use Bi2C with Qwiic/STEMMA QT boards using the Bi2C Qwiic/STEMMA QT adapter, giving you an ultra-thin cable option for compact projects and enclosures.


Package Contents

  • 1x Bi2C Easy NFC board
  • 1x FFC cable

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