AZ-Touch Feather - Wall Mounting Touchscreen Set

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The AZ-Touch Feather is a wall housing kit with an integrated touch screen for the well-known Adafruit Feather microcontroller. It is also compatible with boards from other manufacturers i.e. Thing Plus boards from Sparkfun, Particle and any other Feather format/standard board.

The self-assembly kit includes the wall housing as well as a 2.8" resistive touchscreen, custom PCB, voltage regulator, buzzer and all of the components to complete the kit. Once assembled, use the example projects (below) along with the product documentation to code your own projects - home automation, metering, monitoring, security, control and many other typical IoT applications!

The powerful combination of the Adafruit Feather with the AZ-Touch enables a whole new list of fun projects to make with your Feathers!

Note: This is a self-assemble and self-solder kit. Please check the assembly instructions to ensure you're comfortable with the assembly required before purchasing.



2.8" resistive touchscreen with integrated ILI9341 display controller, communication via SPI. Touch controller type XPT2046 with resistive touch.


The AZ-Touch Feather can be used together with microcontroller boards that follow the Adafruit Feather standard, for example:

Vertical and Horizontal Mounting

Depending on your project and software, you can mount the enclosure set vertical or horizontal directly on the wall or in front of a flush wall mount box.

Easy Installation

A removable terminal block makes installation easier. The PCBs are mounted on the enclosure allowing a rapid substitution of the devices when needed and facilitating the assembling/ disassembling of the enclosure.

Power Supply

The AZ-Touch PCB comes with an integrated switching regulator for voltages from 9 to 35V DC. You can connect the power supply via the terminal or an optional DC socket.


The integrated piezo beeper (resonance frequency 4kHz) can be used to generate acoustic feedback, acknowledge tones or melodies.


A small breadboard area in the top of the PCB can be used for your own extensions. 4 poles of the terminal are connected together with some GPIOs and the voltages with solder joints next to the breadboard.


Example Applications

Code Lock

AZ-touch Feather code lock project

Code lock/keypad example project. Can be configured for the following Feather boards/other boards:

Source code available here

Weather Forecast

Az-touch feather weather project

Weather forecast based on OpenWeatherMap for ESP32 and ESP8266 based feather boards:

Source code available here

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