Audio Adapter Board for Teensy 3.0 - 3.2, 3.5 and 3.6

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This audio adapter lets you easily add high quality 16 bit, 44.1 kHz sample rate (CD quality) audio to your projects with a Teensy 3.2, 3.5 or 3.6. It supports stereo headphone and stereo line-level output, and also stereo line-level input or mono microphone input.

The audio chip connects to Teensy v3 using 7 signals. The I2C pins SDA and SCL are used to control the chip and adjust parameters. Audio data uses I2S signals, TX (to headphones and/or line out) and RX (from line in or mic), and 3 clocks, LRCLK (44.1 kHz), BCLK (1.41 MHz) and MCLK (11.29 MHz). All 3 clocks are created by Teensy 3.1. The SGTL5000 chip operates in "slave mode", where all its clock pins are inputs.

As of February 23rd, 2015 we are shipping an updated version with a few minor changes.

This product does NOT include a Teensy, it's just the audio adapter!

Note: If you have a Teensy 4.0, you'll want the Audio Adapter Board for Teensy 4.0.

Technical Details

For product support for Teensy products, please visit the PJRC forum.


  • 35mm x 37mm x 2mm / 1.4" x 1.5" x .08"
  • Height with Jack: 6.7mm
  • Weight: 4.9g

Revision History:

  • As of Sept 9th, 2019, we are shipping rev C which adds a resistor in series with the MCLK pin for greater compatibility and less high speed ringing. It's software compatible with previous versions
  • As of February 23rd, 2015 we are shipping an updated version with a few minor changes:
    • 1. Pullup resistors are added for the SD card and optional SPI flash chip (the empty 8-pin location on the bottom side).
    • 2. The values of some capacitors are increased, to allow for better signals at sub-audible frequencies.
    • 3. A few locations are added to cut and join traces, to reconfigure the board to non-standard wiring.
      This version is 100% compatible with the software and exactly the same form factor!

Audio Adapter Board for Teensy 3.0 - 3.6

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