Arduino Project Handbook Vol. 2

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This second volume of the ­Arduino Project Handbook delivers 25 more ­beginner-friendly electronics projects. Get up and running with a crash course on the Arduino, and then pick any project that sparks your interest and start making!

Each project includes cost and time estimates, simple instructions, colourful photos and circuit diagrams, a troubleshooting section and the complete code to bring your build to life. With just the Arduino board (sold separately) and a handful of components, you’ll make gadgets like a rainbow light display, noise-level meter, digital piano, GPS speedo­meter and fingerprint scanner!

This collection of projects is a fast and fun way to get started with microcontrollers that’s perfect for beginners, hobbyists, parents, and educators.


Author Bio

Mark Geddes is a lifelong tinkerer and gadget enthusiast from Dumfries, Scotland. Frustrated with the lack of practical, visual guides to help him teach his ten-year-old how to build with Arduino, he set about recording his own experiments, and Arduino Project Handbook is the result. Geddes has a bachelor's degree from Edinburgh College of Art.

Table of Contents

Part 1: LEDs

  • Project 1: LED Light Bar
  • Project 2: Light-Activated Night-Light
  • Project 3: Seven-Segment LED Countdown Timer
  • Project 4: LED Scrolling Marquee
  • Project 5: Mood Light
  • Project 6: Rainbow Strip Light
  • Project 7: NeoPixel Compass

Part 2: Sound

  • Project 8: Arduino Piano
  • Project 9: Noise Level Meter

Part 3: Motors

  • Project 10: Old-School Analog Dial
  • Project 11: Stepper Motor
  • Project 12: Temperature-Controlled Fan

Part 4: LCDs

  • Project 13: Ultrasonic Range Finder
  • Project 14: Digital Thermometer
  • Project 15: Bomb Defusal Game
  • Project 16: Serial LCD Introduction
  • Project 17: People Counter
  • Project 18: Nokia LCD Pong Game
  • Project 19: OLED Mini Breathalyzer

Part 5: Security

  • Project 20: Utrasonic Soaker
  • Project 21: Finger Printer Scanner

Part 6: Advanced

  • Project 22: Arduino Robot
  • Project 23: Internet-controlled LED
  • Project 24: Bluetooth Voice-controlled LED
  • Project 25: GPS Speedometer


“The projects are well-documented, clearly spelled out, and specifications are well done and accurate.”
- Greg Laden's Blog

“This book allows users to build experience toward working on more complicated systems with both Arduino and other embedded systems. I would recommend this book to enhance your growing STEM collection in your library.”
- Deb Grove, Retired Library Media Specialist, School Library Connection

Praise for the first volume of Arduino Project Handbook:

“Easily the best beginner’s guide out there. Pair with an inexpensive clone-based starter kit, and it’s never been cheaper to join the maker revolution.”

“Beautifully designed.”
- Boing Boing

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