Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense REV2 (with headers)

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The Nano 33 BLE Sense REV2 (with headers) is Arduino’s 3.3V AI-enabled board in the smallest available form factor: 45x18mm!

The Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense is a completely new board with a well-known form factor. It comes with a series of embedded sensors:

  • 9-axis (6-axis + 3-axis) inertial sensor: what makes this board ideal for wearable devices
  • humidity, and temperature sensor: to get highly accurate measurements of the environmental conditions
  • barometric sensor: you could make a simple weather station
  • microphone: to capture and analyse sound in real-time
  • gesture, proximity, light colour and light intensity sensor: estimate the room’s luminosity, but also whether someone is moving close to the board

The Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense is an evolution of the traditional Arduino Nano, but featuring a lot more powerful processor, the nRF52840 from Nordic Semiconductors, a 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M4 CPU running at 64 MHz. This will allow you to make larger programs than with the Arduino Uno (it has 1MB of program memory, 32 times bigger), and with a lot more variables (the RAM is 128 times bigger).

The main processor includes other amazing features like Bluetooth® pairing via NFC and ultra-low power consumption modes.

Silicone sleeve now available!

What has changed with the new REV2 version?

Some sensors have changed due to parts supply:

  • Replacement of IMU from LSM9DS1 (9-axis) for a combination of two IMUs (BMI270 - 6-axis IMU and BMM150 - 3-axis IMU).
  • Replacement of temperature and humidity sensor from HTS221 for HS3003.

Additionally, some components have been changed in order to improve the experience of the users:

  • Replacement of power supply MPM3610 for MP2322
  • Addition of VUSB soldering jumper on the top side of the board
  • New test point for USB, SWDIO and SWCLK

Do I need to change my REV1 sketch to work with REV2 boards?

For sketches using the libraries like LSM9DS1 for the IMU or HTS221 for the temperature and humidity sensor, for the new revision, these libraries must be changed to Arduino_BMI270_BMM150 for the new combined IMU and Arduino_HS300x for the new temperature and humidity sensor.

Getting Started

The Getting Started section contains all the information you need to configure your board, use the Arduino Software (IDE), and start tinkering with coding and electronics.

Embedded Artificial Intelligence

The main feature of this board, besides the impressive selection of sensors, is the possibility of running Edge Computing applications (AI) on it using TinyML. You can create your machine learning models using TensorFlow™ Lite and upload them to your board using the Arduino IDE.

Arduino’s developer Sandeep Mistry and Arduino’s advisor Dominic Pajak have prepared an introductory tutorial to AI on the Nano 33 BLE Sense, but also a more advanced guide on colour detection.

An Improved Arduino Nano

If you used Arduino Nano in your projects in the past, the Nano 33 BLE Sense is a pin-equivalent substitute. Your code will still work, but remember, it operates at 3.3V. This means that you need to revise your original design in case it is not 3.3V compatible. Besides that, the main differences to the classic Nano are:

  • A better processor
  • A micro-USB connector
  • All of the sensors mentioned above

Bluetooth® and BLE

The communications chipset on the Nano 33 BLE Sense can be both a BLE and Bluetooth® client and host device. Something pretty unique in the world of microcontroller platforms. If you want to see how easy it is to create a Bluetooth® central or a peripheral device, explore the examples in our ArduinoBLE library.



Microcontroller nRF52840 (datasheet)
Operating Voltage 3.3V
Input Voltage (limit) 21V
DC Current per I/O Pin 15 mA
Clock Speed 64MHz
CPU Flash Memory 1MB (nRF52840)
SRAM 256KB (nRF52840)
Digital Input / Output Pins 14
PWM Pins all digital pins
I2C 1
Analog Input Pins 8 (ADC 12 bit 200 ksamples)
Analog Output Pins Only through PWM (no DAC)
External Interrupts all digital pins
USB Native in the nRF52840 Processor
IMU (BMI270 - 6 axis IMU and BMM150 - 3 axis IMU
Microphone MP34DT05 (datasheet)
Gesture, light, proximity APDS9960 (datasheet)
Barometric pressure LPS22HB (datasheet)
Temperature, humidity HS3003
Length 45 mm
Width 18 mm
Weight 5 gr (with headers)

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