Arducam 5MP Synchronized Stereo Camera Bundle for Raspberry Pi [Discontinued]

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This Stereo Camera HAT for the Raspberry Pi allows you to connect two 5MP OV5647 (or two 8MP IMX219) Raspberry Pi cameras to a single Raspberry Pi and takes images or video at the same time, and more importantly, they are fully synchronised!

This bundle kit includes the HAT, a stereo 5MP camera board, ribbon cables and fixings!

The highlight of this stereo camera HAT is that it incorporates Arducam proprietary ArduChip solution which extends the capability of the single-camera port and tricks the Raspberry Pi into thinking only one camera is connected.

It supports the Raspistill command for preview and Raspivid command for video capture/processing with the RPi default camera driver for connected 5MP and 8MP cameras.

It also supports other Arducam Raspberry Pi cameras and proprietary camera drivers that work with up to two 16MP cameras. With the shared oscillator and I2C broadcasting, the two cameras are fully synchronized.


  • Support all Raspberry Pi boards
  • Two MIPI camera inputs and one MIPI camera output
  • Supports 1, 2 and 4 lane MIPI cameras input up to 800Mbps/lane
  • Supports 2 lane MIPI output
  • Supports Raspistill (preview) and Raspivid (processing) commands for 5MP/8MP Pi cameras with half-resolution combined
  • Supports Arducam RPI cameras up to 16MP with proprietary camera driver with full resolution combined
  • Supports camera side-by-side combining, channel 0 and channel 1 software switching on the fly
  • Supports digital pan in half resolution combining, programmable pan speed control
  • HAT size: 65 x 56 mm


  • Image Sensor: 5MP OV5647
  • FoV (D/H/V): 66°/54°/41°
  • IR Sensitivity: visible light only, with a built-in 650 IR filter


  • Stereo Vision
  • 360 Camera
  • Advanced Surveillance Camera
  • Enhanced Vision Goggles

Using the Stereo HAT on other platforms

You can also use the bundle kit with Jetson Nano.

Package Includes

  • 1x Arducam Synchronized Stereo Camera HAT
  • 1x 5MP Arducam Stereo Camera Board
  • 3x Arducam 80mm 22-pin Ribbon FPC flat Wire Cable
  • 1x Arducam 73mm 15-pin to 22-pin Ribbon FPC flat Wire Cable
  • 4x M2.5x11mm Nylon Hex Standoffs
  • 4x M2.5 Nylon Nuts
  • 3x M2.5x6mm Nylon Screws

Raspberry Pi not included

Additional Resources

Demonstration Videos

Stereo vision on Raspberry Pi 4, 3B+/3 and Zero W:

Arducam Stereo Camera 360 View demo:

Depth Mapping on Raspberry Pi with Arducam Stereo HAT:

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