Akasa Maze Pro Raspberry Pi 4 Case [discontinued]

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The Maze Pro is a combination of the most demanded features for Raspberry Pi 4 cases - incredible silent passive cooling performance, no fan noise, full port access, WiFi window, striking design, full metal construction and includes a built-in programmable power button!

Full Aluminium Body

The case body is made entirely of a single piece of aluminium which makes direct contact with the Raspberry Pi components via the included thermal tape, releasing the CPU heat through the body of the case. No fans needed here! The lid design not only looks great - it adds to the heat dissipation qualities of the case, acting like a small heatsink.

Programmable Power Button + WiFi Window

A programmable power button is built into the side of the case giving you convenient power control without the need for an external power switch. Alongside this is a WiFi window ensuring the best possible WiFi and Bluetooth performance from a metal case!

To use the power button to safely shut down your Raspberry Pi 4, you'll need to connect one swith wire to Pin 5 (GPIO 3) and another to pin 6 (GND) and create a shutdown script. Open a new terminal window and enter the following command and then reboot your Raspberry Pi. More information can be found in the installation manual:

sudo echo "dtoverlay=gpio-shutdown" >> /boot/config.txt

Convenient GPIO Access

A rare feature for a full metal bodoed case, the Maze Pro features a removable cover for easy GPIO installation and access

Note: When the programmable power button is utilised, the case is not compatible with devices that require the use of the entire GPIO pin header as the power button uses Pins 5 and 6.

Full Port Access

Full IO support including:

  • GPIO
  • MicroSD
  • Ethernet
  • USB
  • Camera Module
  • Display connectors

Package Contents

  • 1x Maze Pro Case Body
  • 2x Thermal Gap Filler
  • 4x Case screws
  • Rubber feet


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