Battery Holder (8 x AA)

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Our favourite way to power our robots is using AA batteries. They're readily available and pose a lower risk of fire compared to Lithium-based batteries, especially when learning about robotics.

To secure your batteries you need a good holder, and we have sizes from 2xAA to 10xAA to provide the right power for your projects.

This 8x AA holder is good for 9.6V with rechargeable NiMH batteries or 12V with 1.5V alkaline cells.

Each holder comes with a PP3 style connector (the same as on a 9V battery).

To use this holder you will need a 9v (PP3) style connection cable (not included). If you are going to draw a large amount of current, for example powering motors, we recommend using our 9V High-Quality Connector.


  • Battery Cell Size: AA
  • Number of Cells: 8
  • Body Material Polypropylene Resin
  • 57mm x 64mm x 29mm
  • PP3 Clip Connector

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