850nm IR LED Modules

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A pair of Infrared LED modules for use with custom night photography projects and NoIR-type camera modules!

These modules emit 850nm infrared light allowing your night camera modules (NoIR modules without an infrared filter) to see at night. The modules should be powered with 3.3V but you won't be able to power these with a development board such as the Raspberry Pi (as you'll damage the 3.3V rail) - use an external power source instead, or convert your usual 5V to 3.3V with a buck converter.

You'll need to wire these yourself as they are a universal fit for custom night photography projects.

Each module has a built-in photoresistor that will adjust the emitted infrared light depending on the local light conditions. A delicate threshold adjustment screw allows you to tweak this for your needs but most projects won't need it (be very gentle with the adjustment screw!)

Your target object should be ~3m from the IR LED.

Polarity - the connector next to the photoresistor is the + (positive) terminal. Connect GND to the other terminal. These LEDs will get warm during use.


  • IR modules (pair)
  • 850nm
  • Voltage: 3.3V
  • Optimal distance to object: 3m

Package Contents

  • 2x 850nm IR LED Modules
  • 4x metal screws
  • 4x Metal nuts


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