4-pin LED Strip Connectors - Strip to Wire (10mm)

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IlluminateFlexible RGB LED Strip (DotStar/APA102/SK9822 Compatible) - 144 LED/Metre
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These 4-pin 'strip to wire' LED strip connectors provide a secure and solder-free way to join our Illuminate 4-pin APA102 LED strips to 18-22AWG wires for powering and sending data to your blinky project!

Simply cut your strip at the metal connection section, place them into the short end and snap the connector down. Then place your three unstripped wires into the corresponding lanes on the other side of the connector and clamp that side down.

We also offer matching 4-pin connectors in a 'strip to strip' format.

Comes as a pack of 5 connectors.

Usage Notes

  • The clear snap-down parts can break off if bent back too far or over time with use. They will still work perfectly fine once fitted.
  • You may need to use pliers to gently compress the clamps onto the connectors until they click into place.
  • To release the connector, use a thin tool to release the clear connector sections
  • For indoor usage only
  • May work with other brand LED strips however we have only tested these on our 10mm Illuminate LED strips


  • 4-Pin LED Strip Connectors
  • Easy to install, no soldering required
  • Pack quantity: 5
  • Type: Strip to Wire
  • LED strip size: 10mm
  • Wire sire: 18-22AWG
  • Rated voltage: 0-36V
  • Rated current: 5A
  • Working temperature: -20℃ to 60℃

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