24GHz mmWave Sensor for XIAO

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This 24GHz sensor uses Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) technology to detect people within a specific area. This module identifies both moving and stationary humans, and it can also calculate the distance of the detected person. It has 24GHz millimetre wave radar technology, making it sensitive to various human movements, including small or stationary ones. It can detect people up to 5 meters away and has a wide detection angle of ±60 degrees. The module can ignore outside interference and is divided into different sensing areas.

The sensor supports Bluetooth, which allows users to adjust its settings through an app, eliminating the need for a wired connection. It works well in different environments, unaffected by temperature, light, or humidity changes. the design doesn't require holes in surfaces, which helps maintain a cleaner look. It also allows users to customize settings like sensing distance and sensitivity.


  • Comprehensive Human Body Detection
  • Highly sensitive and immune to environmental interferences
  • Multi-Level Intelligent Parameter Adjustment
  • Wide Detection Angle and Long Sensing Distance
  • Excellent Shell Penetration and Aesthetics Enhancement
  • Product Number: Seeed 101010001


Parameter Value
Operating Frequency 24GHz ~ 24.25GHz
Operating Voltage DC 3.3V
Power Supply Capacity >200mA
Average Operating Current 79 mA
Modulation FMCW
Target Application Human presence sensor
Detection Distance 0.75m ~ 6m (adjustable)
Detection Angle ±60°
Distance Resolution 0.75m
Sweep Bandwidth 250MHz
Ambient Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Dimensions 18mm x 22mm



Package Contents

  • 1x 24GHz mmWave Sensor for XIAO
  • 2x 7-pin Female Header

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