180° Copper Gear Digital Servo

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This Copper Gear Digital Servo is a high-performance servo motor designed to meet the demands of precision-controlled applications. It boasts a powerful and large torque, making it suitable for a wide range of projects, from robotics to RC vehicles. The servo maintains a compact and lightweight design, ensuring versatility and ease of integration into various projects. Its small size makes it ideal for applications where space is limited without sacrificing performance.

There is a digital comparator control system, providing accurate and responsive control over its movements. This ensures precise positioning and smooth operation, making it perfect for tasks that require accurate and reliable motion control. With the Raspberry Pi servo HAT, you can easily control up to 16 servos simultaneously, allowing for synchronised and coordinated movements in complex robotic or automation projects. This digital servo offers an ideal combination of power, precision, and easy multi-servo control.


  • Equipped with a digital comparator control system, it achieves precise angle control and positioning, ensuring accurate and stable movement
  • Built-in metal gears and ball bearings provide durability and reliability, suitable for prolonged and frequent operations
  • It is suitable for various fields, including robotics, model making, aviation modelling, smart homes, and more
  • High flexibility with a 180-degree rotation angle and adjustable control parameters to accommodate various needs
  • The compact and sleek design enhances the aesthetic appeal of the product


Product Type WP90 Servo PWM digital servo
Torque 2.3kg.cm @ 6V
Rotation Angle 180° (500 → 2500μsec)
Mechanical Limited Angle No limit
Operating Voltage 3~8.4V
Gear Copper gear
Idling Speed 0.1sec/60° (100RPM) @6V
Encoder Type Carbon film potentiometer
No-Load Current 150mA@6V
Locked-Rotor Current 1A@6V
KT 2.3kg.cm/A


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  • 1x Copper Gear Digital Servo

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