Grove - Line Finder v1.1

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Most automated robotic projects start from a line-following robot. The Grove Line finder v1.1 is designed to achieve this task easily and quickly.

Those eye-like sensors on the board are actually IR emitting LED and sensitive phototransistors. When the phototransistor detects the reflected infrared light from the IR emitting LED, it will output a digital signal, which changes from HIGH to LOW.

This module also features an adjustable detection range and indication LEDS.


  • Integrated indicator LED
  • Digital output
  • Adjustable detecting range


  • Power supply: 5V DC
  • Digital output mode: TTL (High when black is detected, Low when white is detected)
  • Connector: 4 pin Buckled Grove interface
  • Dimension: 20mm*20mm
  • Comparator: LMV358
  • Photo reflective diode: RS-06WD

Package Contents

  • 1x Grove Line Finder V1.1


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