XL Raspberry Pi 4 Heatsink

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What's better than a big heatsink? A BIGGER heatsink!

These monster heatsinks give your Raspberry Pi 4's CPU even more surface area to dissipate heat, meaning you can crank it up and push your board to the limit.

Note: These really are BIG! They fit snug between the GPIO and CSI/DSI connectors. Check the top-down image before fitting.

The super-sticky adhesive backing keeps everything in place and helps conduct heat, allowing the heatsink to release the hot stuff via no less than 98 low-profile fins.

Being just 5mm tall, these will fit under many HATs (but not all - please check before buying) making it a great cooling solution for all users. Does not work with the Raspberry Pi PoE HAT.

Available in 6 striking colours!

**Only for the Raspberry Pi 4 - this heatsink will not fit any other model of Raspberry Pi.

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