Magnetic Wire Grip for Soldering

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You've got two pieces of wire to join, but one of your hands is clutching your soldering iron and the other has the solder at the ready. You could grow a third arm but that might take evolution some time to sort out. Instead, why not grab one of these handy magnetic wire grips!

This simple yet incredibly handy thingy holds wires for you whilst you sort out the hot stuff, reducing the risk of botched joints, burnt fingers and damaged desks. Simply push each wire down into an adequately sized set of fingers and the pressure will hold it there for you whilst you get your melt on.

The base has a couple of embedded magnets, great for storage or mounting to a metallic surface. Comes in "you really won't lose me red".

Once your wire is soldered together, don't forget to wrap that sucker up with some heatshrink! And if all of this soldering business sounds like a lot of hassle, check out our solder sleeves instead.


  • Magnetic wire grip for soldering
  • 5 grip finger sections for different wire sizes
  • Embedded magnets for mounting/storage
  • Colour: Red
  • Body material: ABS
  • Ideal for 2-arm humans - no evolution required!

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