Sense HAT Case for Raspberry Pi Assembly Guide

Sense HAT Case for Raspberry Pi Assembly Guide

How to assemble our Sense HAT Case for Raspberry Pi.

What you need

1. The laser-cut parts of the case are protected by an adhesive film which needs to be removed before assembly (this is *very* therapeutic), simply peel it off:

2. Using the shorter black screws, attach the male/female stand-offs to the bottom plate of the case:

3. Place your Raspberry Pi 4 Model B on top of these stand-offs with the SD card above the SD cut-out.

We'd advise slotting both the USB/HDMI side panels into place before attaching the female/female standoffs as these can get a little tight otherwise:

4. Next, ignore the image below! We've found that the GPIO pins have a much better connection when you fit the header to the Sense HAT first. There will be a slight gap between the Pi and the header - this is normal:

5. Slot your Raspberry Pi Sense HAT (with header fitted) on to the GPIO section, it'll sit neatly on top of the female/female standoffs we added earlier.

There will be a slight gap between the HAT and riser plastic body - this is normal and doesn't affect the connection:

6. Add the remaining two side panels and drop the lid on top - using one of the long screws, secure the lid in place using the bottom right screw hole first (as seen below):

7. With the remaining 3 long screws, secure the clear panel into place on top of the case (or use one of your frosted panels if you bought the add-on pack):

Viola! Case complete!

NOTE: Acrylic is a hard and stiff plastic which is sensitive to stress concentrations and shares a certain level of fragility with glass. Acrylic can scratch easily and should be cleaned with a mild solution of dish detergent and warm water. Never use cleaners unsuitable for acrylic. Never use a dry, abrasive cloth.

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