Ryanteck Debug Clip - RPi Compatibility Information

Ryanteck Debug Clip - RPi Compatibility Information

Operating Systems

We have tested the debug clip to be compatible with Raspberry Pis running the following operating systems.

Operating System Version Tested On Compatible? Work Around?
Raspbian Via IMG 2015-05-05 2015-06-08 Yes N/A
Raspbian Via NOOBs   To be tested Unknown  
Ubuntu Mate 15.04 2015-06-08 No Unknown
ArchLinux ARM        
Pidora 2014 R3      
RiscOS 2014-02-17.14      



The Raspberry Pi Debug Clip is designed to work with most add-ons including hats by clipping inbetween the first 26 pins. The only add-ons excluded are the ones that require use of the serial port / uart pins such as Wireless Things / Ciseco modules and some RFID & Fingerprint readers. This is where the add-on uses the Pins as a serial port instead of a linux console.

You can however hack a ciseco wireless radio and debug clip for a wireless RPi console.

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