Ryanteck Debug Clip - Android Connection Guide

Ryanteck Debug Clip - Android Connection Guide

The Raspberry Pi Debug Clip is able to be used with android devices that support USB OTG.

For this tutorial I will be using my Nexus 7 2012 which is running android 5.1

You can usually find out if your device supports OTG by Googling your model number.

Launching the terminal

Step 1

First begin by pushing the debug clip onto your Raspberry Pi. Next connect the USB cable between the debug clip and the USB port on your android device. Most of the time you will require a OTG cable which converts the Micro USB port to a USB A port.

Step 2

Next find an application that you wish to use.

I've found around 4 applications myself on the Google Play Store, I'd recommend either the official Microchip 2221 Application or my personal preference which this tutorial will use called Droidterm.

Begin by searching for DroidTerm on the Google Play Store and then install. Or you can install it remotely via the Google Play Store Website

Step 3

Next open the application and select USB Virtual Serial Port.

Then agree to the usage of the USB port.

Next then change the baud rate from 9600 to 115200 and click connect.

You should then be connected to your Raspberry Pi Debug Clip and be able to start using it!

Please note - this isn't always the most reliable method so if your debug clip doesn't work properly using it please try it using a normal computer or laptop instead..

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