Raspberry Pi Zero Micro USB WiFi Dongle Set-Up Guide

Raspberry Pi Zero Micro USB WiFi Dongle Set-Up Guide

This tutorial is aimed at those who are looking to use our micro USB WiFi dongle with their Raspberry Pi Zero. You need some way of setting up a WiFi connection without the dongle being plugged in, as you'll need to have your keyboard/mouse plugged in, taking up the only micro USB port on the Pi Zero!

Once the WiFi connection has been setup, you'll then be able to unplug your keyboard/mouse and plug your micro USB WiFi dongle in, and access your Pi via SSH or any other internet related method!

Start by editing the wpa-supplicant config file:

sudo nano /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf

Add the following snippet, replacing the details with your own.



Exit and save the file with Ctrl+X followed by Y, then Enter.

Shutdown your Pi.

sudo shutdown -h now

Plug in your WiFi dongle, and power the Pi back up. Your Pi should automatically now connect to your network!

If you want to set up a static IP address (so you know exactly what IP address your Pi has when you're trying to connect to it), then we have a full guide here.

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