Pi-DAC+ ModMyPi Case Assembly Instructions

Pi-DAC+ ModMyPi Case Assembly Instructions

The laser-cut parts of the case are protected by an adhesive film which needs to be removed before assembly.
Bill of Materials

  • Raspberry Pi A+/B+/2
  • Pi-DAC+ Full-HD Audio Card
  • 6x Acrylic plates
  • 4x 25mm M/F hex stand-offs
  • 4x 12mm F/F hex stand-offs (included with Pi-DAC+)
  • 4x 8mm M/F hex stand-offs
  • 4x Nylon washers
  • 8x Screws (included with Pi-DAC+)
  • 4x Rubber feet

Note: Acrylic is a hard and stiff plastic which is sensitive to stress concentrations and shares a certain level of fragility with glass. Acrylic can scratch easily and should be cleaned with a mild solution of dish detergent and warm water. Never use cleaners unsuitable for acrylic. Never use a dry, abrasive cloth.

Here are the parts from the case kit:

Here are the parts from the Pi-DAC+:

  1. Peel off the protective film from both sides of all the acrylic pieces.

  2. Lightly secure (don't do the scerw up tight yet) a 8mm M/F stand-off on to each of the 4 holes on the bottom piece of acrylic. Fasten the stand-offs using 4 of the screws. With the stand-offs in place and making sure the male/screw part of the stand-off is facing upwards, put a nylon washer over each.

  3. Place the pi on top, making sure each of the 8mm M/F stand-offs mount correctly through the Pi mounting holes. Now secure the pi in place by using the 12mm F/F stand-offs.

  4. Now we need to install the Pi-DAC+ onto the Pi, simply plug the Pi-DAC+ onto the GPIO of the pi, and secure in place using the 25mm M/F stand-offs

  5. Now we need to start adding the wall sections. First, we recommend placing the network/usb plate in first.

    Then the power/hdmi side plate.

    Then the rear sd card plate.

    And finally the side with the GPIO ribbon slot

    With all 4 walls in place, we can now tighten the 4 screws underneath.

  6. Last step is to add the top plate and secure in place using the remaining 4 screws.

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