Multi-Pi Assembly Guide

Multi-Pi Assembly Guide

19th March 2013

Please note. The Multi-Pi is 100% compatible with newer versions of the Raspberry Pi including the A+/B+ and Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. The assembly process is exactly the same as below, and there are extra bolts included for extra mounting points on the newer versions.

Please note. There is a protective layer on both sides of each acrylic sheet. Please peel both layers off to reveal the clear acrylic underneath!

The Multi-Pi Raspberry Pi case is the perfect case for those wanting to stack your Raspberry Pi's up! Assembly is quick and easy. Simply follow the step by step guide below. One case kit allow two Pi's to be stacked and multiple kits will allow further Pi's to be stacked up. We've had up to 16 stacked safely together, alas ceiling height limit further exploration!

Tools Required

  • Multi-Pi Case Kit
  • Flat-Head Screw Driver
  • Raspberry Pi's

Multi-Pi Case Kit Contents

  • 3 x Translucent Perpex Sheet 
  • 4 x M4 Dome Nuts
  • 4 x M4 8mm Screws
  • 8 x M4 30mm Pillars
  • 4 x M2.5 5mm Screws
  • 4 x M2.5 Nuts
  • 4 x M2.5 8mm Stand Off's
  • 4 x M4 Nylon Washers (these have replaced the alumnium washers)

Step 1

Each perspex sheet has a protective white plastic layer situated on top. Grab two of the sheets and remove this protective layers.

Grab the 4 x M2.5 8mm Stand Off's and the 4 x M2.5 Nuts and affix the Stand Off's to the Perspex sheets as shown in the picture's below - be careful with the orientation or you'll end up with your Raspberry Pi's facing in the wrong direction :)

Step 2

Use the 4 x M2.5 5mm Screws and the 4 x M2.5 Plastic Washers to fix your Raspberry Pi's to the affixed stand off's using the Raspberry Pi Mounting Points.

Step 3

Use the 4 x M4 Dome Nuts, 4x M4 Nylon Washers and 4 x M4 30mm Pillars, and fix them to one of the Perpex Sheets. Pillars need to be orientated on the same side as the Raspberry Pi - as the dome nuts act as feet!

Step 4

Stack the next Raspberry Pi on top of the assembled Pi and Pillars, and use the remaining 4 x M4 30mm Pillars to fix the top layer to the bottom layer.

Step 5

Stack the final perspex layer on top, and use the remaining 4 x M4 Screws to fix the final layer on top of the stack!

And we're done! You can now neatly stack all your Raspberry Pi's up! Excellent!

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