How to Replace the Raspberry Pi Camera Cable

How to Replace the Raspberry Pi Camera Cable

The Raspberry Pi Camera Module comes fully assembled with a 15-Way 150mm flat cable that plugs directly in the Raspberry Pi CSI port. Unfortunately the included cable is quite fragile, and can break if twisted or bent too far.

Don't worry though, not all is lost if that cable does happen to break! Replacement raspberry pi camera board cables are available from ModMyPi, and it's very easy to swap them over!

This tutorial will show you how to replace the Raspberry Pi camera board cable!

Step 1.

Lay your Raspberry Pi Camera face down on a suitable surface, preferably something soft which isn't going to scratch or damage the camera lens!

Step 2.

The black connector is simply a push/pull fit. To disengage the cable, pull the two corners of the black connector down, away from the camera board - see the picture below. It will unclip to about 3mm, make sure you don't pull it off! If you're struggling, try pulling off one corner of the connector at a time.

Step 3.

Once the connector has been disengaged from the Raspberry Pi camera board, the cable will simply slide out!

Step 4.

Simply retrace your steps! Take your new cable, and slot it into the connector - make sure the metal connectors are orientated the correct way around, see the pictures above for clarification. Then push the black connector back into its locked position!

That's it - we've now changed the Raspberry Pi camera cable with a replacement cable :)

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