How To Install Emulators on OpenELEC

How To Install Emulators on OpenELEC

So you’ve come to the end of that film you were watching, not quite enough time for another, but still a little too early for bed… How about load up one of your favourite SNES games?!

It’s super easy to setup your OpenELEC media centre to run a few different emulators

Supported emulators:

  • NES
  • SNES (SuperNES)
  • MAME
  • Maser System / Genesis
  • Atari

Installing the emulators

  1. So let’s start by SSH’ing into our Raspberry Pi

  2. Now we need to download the AdvLauncher zip file

    wget Once installed open up the program and connect to your Pi, the same way as you woold SSH to it.

  3. Once connected, browse to


    this is where you shoold upload your rom files

  4. (Optional) You can also upload fanart/thumbnails to


    for each of your roms.

  5. Now the roms are uploaded, we need to add them to the emulators. On OpenELEC, browse to

    Programs -> Advanced Launcher -> Default

    Here you shoold see the different emulators

  6. Right-Click (or press “C” on the keyboard), then select “Add Items” then simply select “Scan for New Items”. Do this for each of the different emulators you have roms for.

  7. (Optional) If you want to add a thumbnail to each of your roms, Right-Click (press "C" on the keyboard) on the rom and select "Change Thumbnail Image"

  8. Then select "Select Local Image (Link)"

  9. Now browse to where you uploaded your thumbnail and select it

  10. Now the roms have been added to your emulators you can just select the emolator you want to use, select the rom you want to play and away you go

Configuring a gamepad (Use “Z” and “X” on the keyboard for back and enter when navigating.)



  1. If you want to use a gamepad (which im sure you will) once you have loaded a game, if you press F1 you will load up the config screen.

  2. From here navigate to Settings -> Input Options -> and select Bind All, this will run through a quick setup for the gamepad to assign the buttons.


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