Aircraft Grade Aluminium Raspberry Pi Case Assembly Guide

Aircraft Grade Aluminium Raspberry Pi Case Assembly Guide

Aircraft Grade Aluminium Raspberry Pi Case Assembly Guide

ModMyPi's Aircraft Grade Aluminium Raspberry Pi cases, are quick and easy to assemble! They're tough, and designed to keep your Raspberry Pi cool in just about any industrial setting - Just follow the guide below. . . . 

1. Get all the kit together, you should have: 1 x Pack of Heat Sink Paste, 1 x Plastic Spacer, 1 x Aluminium Top, 1 x Aluminium Mounting Plate and of course, your Raspberry Pi!

2. Get the pack of paste and squeeze it about a bit to ensure it's mixed and not separated. Then add a small blob to the three "hot" components as demonstrated below. If your Pi's not straight out of the box, it's advisable to wipe over the surfaces with an alcohol wipe prior to installing heat sink paste.

3. Take the top of the Aluminium Case and slide it over the top the Pi - it's designed so the flange of the USB ports sit slightly proud of the edge of the casing.

4. Flip the unit over, and push the underside of the Pi until is stops against the heat sink stands. The top of the USB port will be flush with the top of the case.

5. Take your spacer and insert it into the case as demonstrated. This parts acts to insulate the Pi from the mounting plate, and hold the Pi in securely.

6. Slide the mounting plate into the matching grooves on the Pi

7. Due to tolerances in manufacture (of both the Raspberry Pi, and our case!) you may need to add additional material to ensure a snug fit. A folded piece of paper works a charm if you need to tighten anything up!

8. That's it! You Aluminium Raspberry Pi case is ready for anything you can throw at it!

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