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How to program the PicoCon Motor Controller

There are two ways to program/use your new PicoCon motor controller:

1. Basic python software

  • Each motor is directly controlled by two pins, each of which drives one side of the motor
  • To make the motor go forwards, you make one pin high and the other pin low
  • To make it reverse, you make the first pin low and the second pin high
  • For the robot to go forwards both motors should be set to forwards
  • Similarly to go backwards, both motors should be set to reverse
  • If you set the left motor to forwards and the right motor to backwards, the robot will spin right
  • The (physical) pins for the left motor are 19 and 21
  • The (physical) pins for the right motor are 24 and 26
  • So to make the left motor go forwards, set pin19 high and pin21 low. You can do this in python with: GPIO.output(19, 1)    # pin 19 is left motor A GPIO.output(21, 1)    # pin 21 is left motor B

This is covered in a complete python program covered below.

2. Using the supplied python library

  • You need to import the library at the start of your python program import picocon
  • Then you can use the pre-defined functions for moving the motors:
  • init(). Initialises GPIO pins, switches motors off, etc
  • cleanup(). Sets all motors off and sets GPIO to standard values
  • stop(): Stops both motors
  • forward(speed): Sets both motors to move forward at speed. 0 <= speed <= 100
  • reverse(speed): Sets both motors to reverse at speed. 0 <= speed <= 100
  • spinLeft(speed): Sets motors to turn opposite directions at speed. 0 <= speed <= 100
  • spinRight(speed): Sets motors to turn opposite directions at speed. 0 <= speed <= 100
  • turnForward(leftSpeed, rightSpeed): Moves forwards in an arc by setting different speeds. 0 <= leftSpeed,rightSpeed <= 100
  • turnReverse(leftSpeed, rightSpeed): Moves backwards in an arc by setting different speeds. 0 <= leftSpeed,rightSpeed <= 100
  • To use these functions, you need to preface them with the name of module, picocon.
  • You need to call the function init() at the start of your program to setup all the input and output pins picocon.init()
  • You must call the cleanup() function at the end to put all the input and output pins back to where they were picocon.cleanup()
  • In between you can do whatever you want, so to make the robot go forwards at a medium speed: picocon.forward(50)
  • to spin left at a fast speed picocon.spinLeft(100)

Downloading the Software Library and Examples

  1. Make sure the Pi is connected to the internet
  2. From a terminal window on your Pi type the following lines exactly: wget -O bash
  3. This will create a new folder on your Pi called picocon
  4. Go into this folder and then you can run the examples like this: sudo python
  5. simply goes forwards, backwards, spins right and left in a loop. Press Ctrl-C to exit
  6. does the same thing but using the library (see how much simpler the code is)
  7. uses the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the robot. You can also use . or , to speed up and slow down the robot. Also use space to stop.

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