Raspberry Pi Roundup - Iron Man, Formula Pi and Stephen Hawking

Raspberry Pi Roundup - Iron Man, Formula Pi and Stephen Hawking

Iron Man

Michael Darby has been supported by ModMyPi for his latest project – an Iron Man mask with an in-built heads-up display and it’s all driven from a Raspberry Pi Zero. He’s taken the Pi, a LiPo battery, an Enviro pHat and some optical equipment and built it into a kids’ Iron Man mask. He’s called it (obviously) Pi-ron Man and documented the whole thing over on his blog, 314Reactor.

Formula Pi

Cambridgeshire-based UK robot manufacturer Pi Borg has held the winter 2017/18 season Grand Final of their autonomous driving competition, Formula Pi. The finalists were:

The competition, which sees self-driving Raspberry Pi-powered cars zooming around a twisting, multi-coloured track without any human intervention, is a masterclass in vision-controlled navigation. The recording of the final is available here and is embedded below. You can also see a teaser of the next generation of Formula Pi - Raptor Class - and their new driver board in the footage:


It has been revealed that Professor Stephen Hawking, for the last few months of his life, was using a Raspberry Pi as a voice synthesizer. You can read more over on Raspberry Pi Pod.

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