Raspberry Pi Roundup - Crowdfunding campaigns and a Pi Juice review

Crowdfunding Campaigns

This week, two campaigns were launched that will interest Raspberry Pi users.

Alex Eames' latest campaign is for the RasPiO FullpHAT and he’s running it as a 7-day campaign from his own site. It is an add-on board for the Raspberry Pi that attaches to the GPIO pins on top of your Raspberry Pi and allows you to:

  • Connect two pHATs to your Pi and still use any spare GPIO pins.
  • Connect a pHAT and a HAT to your Pi and still use any spare GPIO pins.
  • Use any remaining GPIO pins which are broken out multiple times with large, clear labels.

So, if you want to mash together two add-on boards and still have access to the GPIO pins, this is just the job! Head over to his website to find out more and pledge.

The second campaign that was launched was for the Pip, a handheld device that helps you to develop games and lots more. The Pip is based around the Raspberry Pi Compute Module and features a small touchscreen and detachable gaming controllers. You can learn a lot more about it over on Raspberry Pi Pod and pledge on Kickstarter.

Pi Juice

Speaking of Kickstarters, a couple of years ago, Pi Supply (maker of the mighty fine JustBoom audio boards) launched a campaign for the Pi Juice, a battery solution for the Pi. They have, after much trial and tribulation, finally got the product on its way. I was fortunate enough to get hold of a review bundle and have covered it over on my blog, so head over there to read more.