Raspberry Pi Roundup: a flight tracker, a CCTV camera and a SenseHAT-driven weather station

Flight tracker

Mark Hughes has written an excellent, comprehensive tutorial for using FlightAware with a Zero W to track overhead flights. Obviously, it will work with any other Raspberry Pi, but the Zero W is a ‘cheap one’. He covers everything from getting the SD card image working to installing the software and then displaying stuff onto an LED matrix. It’s really well done and you can take a look here or view the video of it in action below:


Matt, over at Raspberry Pi Spy, has written a great tutorial that shows you how to set-up your Raspberry Pi with the motionEyeOS operating system. It lets you create yourself a CCTV camera that works over IP on your network. He’s used the ZeroView mount from The Pi Hut to stick it to a window and then installed the software. He’s even documented some of the software preferences he uses to get the best results. Take a look at the tutorial here.

Weather station

Gus, over at PiMyLifeUp, has done a great tutorial on setting up a SenseHAT as a weather station. He goes through all the software and the Python code you will need. He’s also connected it up to the Initial State service so you can see the readings online. Take a look at the tutorial here.