Raspberry Pi Roundup - A CNC wood burner, an Alexa Clone and a Tracker for Boats

Wood burning

Tucker Shannon has built himself a CNC wood burner rig and is using a Raspberry Pi to control the stepper motors that position the arm. He’s taken photographs of the build and you can see them here.

Alexa Clone

Gus, over at PiMyLifeUp, has used a Raspberry Pi and a USB microphone to create his very own Amazon Alexa clone. He goes through installation of the software, connecting it up to your Amazon account and starting the program up on boot. Read more here.

Boat Tracker

Bill Ballard has taken a Raspberry Pi, a Pimoroni Scroll pHAT and an Adafruit Ultimate GPS board and created a trip recorder for when he’s out on his boat. The Scroll pHAT displays the current speed in knots whilst the Raspberry Pi outputs location readings from the GPS board to a file. The file is later imported into a Mathematica program and the route that was taken is plotted. Read more on The MagPi website and see his code on GitHub.